Manoj Srinivasan


Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
E507 Scott Laboratory
Ohio State University, Columbus OH 43210


Professor Manoj Srinivasan

Education and Experience

B.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 2000.
Ph.D. Cornell University, 2006.
Princeton University, Post-doctoral researcher, 2006-2009; Lecturer, 2007.


National Science Foundation CAREER award, 2013.

Selected Publications

News: This year's Conference on Dynamic Walking (2015) is at Ohio State.

-- Yang Wang and Manoj Srinivasan. Stepping in the direction of the fall: the next foot placement can be predicted from current upper body state in steady-state walking, Biology Letters, 10, 20140405, 2014. Link to journal article.    Link to Data (Dryad).   Article PDF+Supplementary Information.
See here for Media/Press articles on this paper.

-- Leroy Long and Manoj Srinivasan. Walking, running and resting under time, distance, and speed constraints: Optimality of walk-run-rest mixtures, J. Royal Society Interface, vol. 10, 2013. Journal Link.
Author Generated PDF (pre-final version). See media coverage.

-- Manoj Srinivasan. Fifteen observations on the structure of energy minimizing gaits in many simple biped models. J. Royal Society Interface, PDF with supplementary information, 8, 74-98, 2011. Journal link

-- Manoj Srinivasan and Andy Ruina. Computer optimization of a minimal biped model discovers walking and running. Nature, 439, 72-75, 2006.

Research Keywords

Legged Locomotion, Biomechanics, Sensorimotor control, Optimality, Numerical Optimal Control, Walking, Running, Dynamical Systems, Rigid Body Mechanics, Robotics, Muscle Mechanics, Friction Mechanics, Rolling Contact.


ME3360 : System Integration and Control
ME7752 : Mechanics and Control of Robots. Course webpage with lecture notes, HW, and code.
ME7230 : Advanced Dynamics
ME7385 : Advanced Topics in the Dynamics and Control of Human and Animal Movement
ME7250 : Vibrations of Discrete Systems
ME752 : Mechanical Design of manipulators and robots, Winter 2010, Fall 2011. Outline.
ME430 : Dynamics (undergraduate), Winter 2011, 2012.
ME8230 : Nonlinear Dynamics, 2014, 2016. Course webpage with lecture notes, HW, and code.
ME832 : Nonlinear Vibrations, Spring 2010, 2012. ME894 : Advanced Topics in the Dynamics and Control of Human and Animal Movement, Spring 2011, 2013.
MOL/APC360 : Biological Dynamics (Spring, 2007, Princeton University)

Please see the publications page for a list of publications.